Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes - August 27, 2018

Members Present:  Teresa Glenn, Bob Viscardi, Neil Neubert, Betty Montalbano, Tom Kohli,  Msgr. Hubba, Jim Hunt, Donna Bascomb, Fr. Anthony

Members Absent:  Mike Petrella

Fundraising Committee Members Present: Betty Kern, Judy Rosenberg, Bob Viscardi, Irene Galvin, Rich Ciero, Carol Winkler

Welcoming Committee Members Present:  Irene Galvin

Prayer Reflection:  Jim opened the meeting with a scripture reading & a prayer at 7:34 p.m.

Minutes for July 31, 2018:  Betty Montalbano moved to accept the minutes with Bob Viscardi seconding the motion.  The council approved the minutes of the 7/31/18 meeting unanimously and the minutes posted to the Parish Pastoral Council website.

Parish Facilities Update:  Tom Melli provided a detailed report. 
  1. The new boiler for the church project is in process.  This required the approval of the archdiocese, a 2 ½  month cycle.  The old boiler will be removed which requires asbestos abatement.  Presently waiting on state permits, 7 – 10 days.  During the boiler replacement, Mary’s Chapel will be closed for the first two weeks of the project and may not be used for about 2 months in the September/October time frame.  The funding for the boiler replacement was provided by the We are Living Stones Campaign.  Upon completion, all projects identified as part of the campaign will be completed!
  2. Upper & Lower Schools – As was reported previously, security doors are installed in the schools providing restricted access to the classrooms.  Access is provided for non-school activities in the gym & cafeteria only.  Additionally, 35 security cameras have been installed with motion detection.  The lower school gym floor has been totally refinished.  Floor was stripped to the bare wood, relined, & polyurethaned.  The lighting was upgraded to all LED lighting.
  3. Brothers Residence – the cleaning and painting of the brothers’ residence continues.  Painting and rug installation is scheduled for completion September 4th with all updates completed by mid-September.
Nightingales Fundraiser:  Plans for the concert are proceeding.  Our St. Joseph Church web site ( has been updated (thanks to Diane Hellriegal) with a direct link to the site to purchase tickets on line.  Diane has advertised in our bulletin and sent flyer/poster and announcement to 43 surrounding parishes for possible publication in their bulletins or posting on parish bulletin boards.  Large posters on easels have been placed at the entrances of the church (thanks to Jim Glenn).  Smaller posters are up in all school buildings, PLC, and rectory.  Our parish Facebook page include the concert flyer with a direct link to the web site to order tickets.  

Details regarding the fundraiser:  The Paramus Catholic Auditorium, September 30, 2018 at 3 PM.  Sound and lighting technicians are extra. Estimated costs minus the technicians & marketing materials are $3700. The Paramus Catholic Auditorium has approximately 800 seats.  A $25 admission price is set.

There are many outstanding items:
  1. Program for the event – format from Nightingales, list of songs, sponsors, & printing 
  2.  Suggested ad prices: $400 full page ad; $250 ½ page ad; $125 ¼ page ad
  3. Jim Hunt will ask Claire O’Toole who was in charge of the program for the school fundraiser for advice on getting sponsors.
  4. Fr. Anthony provided a program & flyer used for soliciting on a previous fund-raiser to Irene. 
  5. Advertise & set up a booth at the school carnival.
  6. A banner will be made for the concert.
  7. Carol mentioned possible selling water during intermission, if permitted by PC.
  8. Neil volunteered to check out sound & lighting at PC auditorium in early Sepember per Gary Sabak’s (PC contact) schedule. Tom will accompany him.
  9. We need to decide if we will sell tickets at the door.  Irene to check out credit card reader rental.
  10. List of volunteers the day of the event.
Postcard Mailing:  Teresa and Diane thought of holding up the mailing.  Msgr. Hubba would like to proceed with the mailing.

Welcoming Committee:  Irene gave an update on the Ministry Booklet.  The booklets will remain in the church.  The Committee will reach out to new parishioners and bring the booklet, which will describe all ministries, when welcoming them.

Communications/Website Update:  Betty reported the minutes are posted on the website. 

Appeal Requests/Solicitations: Donna reported there are no new appeals and the email is working properly.  She was concerned last month when no appeals came in.  The New Hope appeal is changed from Sept 8th & 9th to the 15th & 16th.  Mission appeals are through the Archdiocese. 

Pastor’s Comments:  Msgr. Hubba is very happy with Fr. Anthony’s arrival and thanked Fr. Roy for filling in during his absence.  Msgr. is optimistic and thinks we will have a very good year.  He mentioned Tom Melli is doing a good job and is grateful for the donors of the 3 stained glass windows.  The Concert fundraising will probably cover the cost of the new crucifix with no extras.  We should constantly be in a mode to welcome and get people back.  Msgr. expressed we should not be disheartened by the bad press on Catholic Church, there always seems to be bad press.  He mentioned the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights and how they defend church and publish helpful materials. 

Closing Prayer:  Msgr. Hubba led the council with a closing prayer.  Meeting adjourned at 9:15

Next meeting:  September 24, 2018 at 7:30 PM in the rectory basement.