Sunday, June 10, 2018

Parish Pastoral Council Meet and Greet Sunday, April 22 following 10:30 Mass in Mary’s Chapel

A number of questions and comments were submitted as part of the PPC Meet & Greet reception on Sunday, April 22nd.  These questions & comments were addressed the following week at the monthly PPC meeting.  Questions, comments, and resolutions as well as pending activity are listed below.

1.  Could there be a senior club?  Meet after 12:00 mass on a Sunday, once a month. Possibly tie in with River Edge, New Milford and Oradell. Oradell has bus service 7 days a week for seniors.

Response:  This item will be addressed with Msgr. Hubba upon his return.  A volunteer would be required to organize the senior club if approved.

2.  Youth Involvement - Developing a youth program of more interest for the kids.

Response: Fr. Roy mentioned Msgr. Hubba is open to the idea. Suggestions of a youth mass & resurrecting the TARGET program were mentioned.  A moderator is required.

3.  Can there be an Earth Day Event? 

Response:  Earth Day is April 22nd.  A volunteer is required to run a formal event.  Our parish sponsored Troop 142 Boy Scout Troop presently does not have an Earth Day event but perhaps as part of a Merit Badge or Eagle Scout Project.  The idea will be raised at the next Boy Scout Committee meeting on May 23rd.  Tom Kohli to attend meeting to discuss.

4.  Could there be a noon mass during the week?  Parents of school age children cannot make the early mass.  Possibly during Holy week? 

Response: Our discussion concluded there is not enough activity in the area at lunchtime that would make attendance practical.  Holy week is especially busy with other liturgical events so it is also felt it would not be practical as of this time. 

5.  Can events that are held after school start a little later?  Ex. Children’s choir etc…Children in public school get out at 3:10 therefore cannot participate. 

Response:  The children’s choir does provide two practices on Thursdays:  3 – 3:45 PM for St. Joseph School students & 4 – 4:45 PM for Public School/Religious Education students.  For more details, please contact Monroe Quinn, Director of Music at SJC at or after Mass.

6.  Why doesn’t the choir receive communion first?

Response:  In discussion, there seems to be no strict rule which states the choir has to receive first or last. Fr. Roy stated the general instructions for volunteers at Mass is they should receive first.  This was forwarded to Monroe Quinn, Director of Music at SJC for his input.  He explains the Adult Choir receives Communion after the congregation so that parishioners are able to hear the Communion Hymn being sung while they receive.  Parishioners are encouraged to pray while the Adult Choir is receiving the Eucharist.   Additional discussion is required.  Reference material would include "General Instructions of the Roman Missal" and "Norms for Distribution and Reception of Holy Communion under Both Kinds in the Dioceses of the United States of America".  Msgr. Hubba has final decision making authority.

7.  Can we have only 2 cups instead of 4?  Seems like a lot of waste. 

Response:  this question is referring to the wine at Mass.  Apparently this topic has been discussed frequently at Liturgical Committee meetings.  Their findings indicate the opposite, there is more often not enough wine with four cups.

8.  The bathroom in the upper church is not clean, and smells.

Response:  Tom Meli will address this with our cleaning staff.

9.  Steps leading to Mary’s Chapel on Grand St entrance are in disrepair.

Response:  Tom Meli is addressing this issue.  The steps require some cleanup but are not in disrepair.

10.  Cornerstone 

Response:  a committee has been established to review the Brothers’ Residence to use for Cornerstone weekends.